For each drawing and painting, I make a float mount using a sheet of Japanese paper in which a window is cut to allow viewing of the reverse side. The latter often has annotations, stamps, sketches or doodles that are useful for understanding the history of the object, its provenance and the artist’s technique. The paper of the work is then adhered to the window mount with small hinges of Japanese tissue paper pasted along the perimeter. The hinges are very discreet, they are not visible after drying and provide an aesthetic frame for the artwork.

Here is the result! The mounting allows one to see the poem written on the back.

The annotation reproduces the verse 665 of the Bihari Satsai and reads:

” Your garments are your wings,

Your food grains,

You are always together with your mistress,

My dove, my bird

        You alone are happy in this world. “

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