I have studied:

The interleaving materials found in Moroccan and Iranian manuscripts.

The Persian manuscripts made of découpage or Qāt’i, from 1490 to 1550 (techniques, materials and definition of calligraphy as a devotion act).

The Indian drawings from the Pahari and Rajasthan regions (production, purpose and significance).

An Iranian Talismanic scroll dated 15th century in collaboration with Mounia Chekhab, curator at the Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar et David Roxburgh, Professor at Harvard University.

“An Iranian Youth “, copy-painting from Gesina ter Bosch (1665) from the Rijksmuseum collection.

I am now focusing on the Northwestern Indian drawings from a Dutch museum, and I will be researching on the paper used, from the anthropological and analytical view points.

For these projects, I have collaborated with other scientific institutions such as the Qatar National Library, IRPA KIK Brussels, CNRS IRAMAT France, UCL Qatar, BioArCh York University and I have used various analytical methods e.g. XR- Fluorescence, Fibre Optics Reflectance, IR-Reflectography.

You can see a detailed list of my publications here.