Retouching of the areas of pigment losses along the lower edge, Yasoda en Krishna, Kotah, India, 1820’s, Rijksmuseum.

Reunion of the two separate parts of an handwritten letter from the Bugler Wilkinson to her daughter, 16th Brigade, 6th Division, dated 12-12-1914, private collection.

Mending and reintegration of the loss piece from a coloured etching belonging to a set of the most prestigious public buildings and squares in and outside d. Reich’s city Augsburg, Artist: Seutter, Matthias Date: 1742 – Rijksmuseum.

Inpainting of the areas of pigment losses with watercolour, Mughal painting, 18th century, MIA Qatar.

Conservation of an album of painted illustrations from Sani’ al-Mulk (1814-1866), Iran, 19th century, restitution of the percaline binding, MIA, Qatar.

Conservation of an Almanach from 1881: surface cleaning, removal of the oxidised residues of pressure sensitive tape, mending of the tears, losses and restitution of the binding.

Conservation of a bifolio: the areas of losses in the paper, due to roden, were mended and filled in with toned Japanese paper.