Conservation treatment, mounting and boxing

  • Practical conservation treatments for all kinds of objects on paper and bound volumes.
  • Mounting advices, mount-making recommendations.
  • Matting and framing.
  • Storage re-housing.
  • Bespoke mounting and boxing solutions.

Condition survey, assessment and exhibition installation

  • Condition survey on a large scale and condition assessment on an item-level.
  • Exhibition installation and de-installation.
  • Collection maintenance in exhibition and in storage: cleaning, pest control, environmental monitoring.
  • Packing and shipping advices.
  • Courier trips.

Short courses and trainings

  • Introduction course on Islamic manuscripts and paintings conservation and preservation.
  • Three-day short course on the ethics in Islamic manuscripts conservation and restoration.
  • Two-day short course on the paper in the Islamic World: history, materials and techniques and decoration from Spain to Indonesia.
  • Three-day introductory course on pigment consolidation.


  • Research on the materials encountered in the Islamic and Indian manuscripts and paintings
  • Technical and historical research on the Islamic and Indien manuscripts and paintings
  • Recipes’ reconstruction
  • Fibre analysis