On October 13th, I had the great opportunity to present my ongoing project on the north-western drawings from the Museum Volkenkunde. During the study day entitled, Histoire du papier et de la papeterie, actualités de la recherche, I gave an introduction on the research project and the protocol I am implementing to examine and categorize the papers used in the Pahari regions for the production of drawings and paintings.

Every year since 2014, the Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne (Claude Laroque), Institut National du Patrimoine (Valérie Lee), ITEM (Institut des Textes et Ecrits Modernes) and IPEPHH (Association Française pour l’Histoire et l’Étude du Papier et des Papeteries, Claire Bustarret) join their forces to organise a study day on any topic related to paper as a medium for art, writing, creation, trades, etc.  The day gathers conservators, historians, scientists, paper makers and artists who present their area of research and expertise. This year the programme was very diverse and included presentations about the dry stamped papers from the middle-East (Anne Regourd), the techniques and significance of dyed papers in Islamic manuscripts (Marion Dupuy), ritual papers from China (Pauline Guidoni), the history of paper in music scores from Le Puy Cathedral, the non-presence of paper in Ethiopic manuscripts (Anaïs Wion), the XVIIth century watermarks in the Genealogical Office manuscripts of the National Library of Ireland (Louise O’Connor) and fascinating talks from the artists Junior Fritz JACQUET and Aïdée Bernard.  

All of this to say that, even though French researchers are not so present on the international scene, they are nevertheless very active in the field of paper research and materiality.

In 2017, we organised a day aroung the Islamic manuscripts and the proceedings can be found here

The proceedings of the previous years are online and can be found here.

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